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Have you ever had the feeling that nature was looking back at you?

While studying nature for extensive periods of time (usually for want of sleep), I often have the strange feeling that Nature is looking back at us with the same sense of curiosity and lack of compassion that humans exhibit.

Rather than seek professional help and be critically considered a paranoiac, I decided to document these episodes in a more clinical manner to prove this phenomena is for real! Salvador Dalí coined his personal affliction "Paranoiac-Critical Method", it's when you think your looking at an object that turns out to be something else, or looking at an object long enough and observing that it transforms. (Remember those days of lying on your back in a field of poppies and imagining that the clouds were anything but?)

Cervantes' Don Quixote gazed at the windmills and thought "They might be giants...", and James Branch Cabell had the phrase "Mundus Vult Decipi" emblazoned on the shield of his main character, Count Manuel, implying "the world wants to be deceived".

I believe that in these Halls of Mirrors you'll find your own reflections in Nature, and proof that this feeling of someone watching you is as real as anything created by Hi-Tech-tonics.

Rorschach (the inkblot king) was onto something when he spilled a bottle of vino on his desk and folded the blotter in half. The bottle was probably near empty, enabling him to make his historic discoveries and have the nerve to perpetrate these notions upon the rest of humanity. So we're doing the same (except the drinking part!). Take a look into the deeper regions of your mind, reflect a bit, and then leave it right where you found it.

Tactical help in dealing with these images: Try squinting your eyes at first. It helps to filter out extraneous interference, allowing you to zero in on what imagery your mind may be able to glean from the document before you. Slowly open your eyes wider, and as the "smoke" clears, you can distinguish the entities in Nature that are staring back at you. Then seek professional help!

Take it or leave it, these mirrored images are here for pure enjoyment alone. Do not send us the bill for any subsequent psychotherapy ... but if you find that, after viewing these pages, your own delusions and paranoia miraculously disappear, then feel free to send us payment for this valuable service ... whatever you think is appropriate ... we're expecting alot.

The expressions viewed in the following pages are not necessarily the views expressed by the management of Hi-Tech-tonics.

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