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Instructions: Click on a picture below to see a larger "double" image. Simply cross your eyes until the two images meet and glory at the 3D spectacular!
Remember to keep your head perfectly straight and give your eyes a few seconds to focus in on the "new" image. (best viewed on at least a 17" monitor at 1024 x 768)*

Birmingham Botanic Gardens

Statue at the Hirshhorn, DC

Displayed Mannequins

Cascading Formation

Rurik on the Rocks

Devil's Bedstead

Shellface Character

Weeds and Woods

Electric Hero

Lotus Blossoms

Cascades with Log

Sussex Air Show


The River Gang

Coast Al Oreg

Golden Bear Ring


Stone Outcrop


Sandstone Passage
*If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable in any way while trying to cross your eyes, simply refrain from doing so. Maybe this sort of vision is not right for you, and you can simply enjoy the pictures as they are (perhaps blocking one side from view). Hi-Tech-tonics wants you to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature and the man-made emulations that are inspired by her! We certainly don't want you to forego comfort while partaking in such beauty.
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